Quality Assurance


  • To consider quality and standards issues relating to teaching and learning.
  • To liaise with relevant national QA organisations.
  • To foster the sharing of best practice and encourage institutional good practice.

The Quality Assurance Practitioner Group is both a sounding board and a national forum for the exchange of views, opinions, information and good practice. It also provides a unique opportunity to cross-examine those who are dictating the pace and content of national developments.

The Group operates a member-led email forum and holds three meetings each year to discuss key quality issues.

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Group Coordinators

Group Coordinators

If you have any queries relating to this group you can contact the people listed below.


Jacky Mack (Bournemouth University)


Michele Vermeulen (University of Bedfordshire)


Rosina Thompson (Northumbria University)

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Each ARC Practitioner group can store papers and resources in a shared resources section. To gain access you will need to contact your Academic Registrar so they can add you as an Institutional User and provide login details.


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Quality Assurance Discussion Forum

Quality Assurance Discussion Forum

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