About the programme

ARC has developed a mentoring scheme for new and aspiring Academic Registrars. Our mentoring programme will provide an opportunity for those new to the role of Academic Registrar, or those aspiring to the role, to access support and encouragement as they develop their skills, knowledge, and confidence. Mentors will gain the opportunity to support colleagues in performing their roles and to contribute to the ongoing development of our profession.

How does it work?

Mentees will complete an application form, which will automatically match them with up to 3 possible mentors. The mentee can then read a brief biography of each match and select their preferred option.

This will send a notification to the mentor and once they accept the match the mentor and mentee will be connected through an online platform.

Mentors and mentees can arrange to meet in person or online via a platform like Zoom/Teams. In the first meeting it is expected that participants agree their mutual expectations for the relationship, normally participants will meet monthly, and usually we would expect the relationship to come to an end after 6 months.