HEFCE Leadership, Governance and Management Fund

In 2007 the Academic Registrars Council (ARC) obtained funding from HEFCE’s Leadership, Governance and Management Fund to undertake during 2007-08 a study which focused on mapping the role of Academic Registrar. The project was sponsored by the ARC's Executive Committee. The detailed work was led by Paul Mitchell of mega mitchell consulting, in conjunction with the officers of ARC. It was completed by summer 2008.

The work plan up to spring 2008 included:

  • A questionnaire to the ARC membership
  • Focus groups with ARC members
  • One to one meetings with key stakeholders in the sector

Dissemination of project outcomes included:

  • Events within ARC and stakeholder groups
  • Role profiles made available to ARC members via the ARC website to facilitate cross sector contact between similar constituencies on best practice
  • Dissemination through professional networks, websites and publications and joint promotion of development events

Project outcomes were:

  • A map of the current and emerging areas of responsibility of Academic Registrars (ARs) (or equivalent) in HEIs, in the context of fast moving customer expectations relating to the quality of delivery of the student experience
  • An analysis of the skill sets and subject knowledge required of ARs to interpret and deliver a change agenda
  • Dissemination across the sector to help shape recruitment, career development and succession planning in academic administration.

The mapping provided a solid framework for the subsequent development by ARC’s Professional Development Group of more detailed strategies for supporting the continuing professional development of newer and longer serving ARs and also for senior Registry staff aspiring to the role of AR.

An agenda for change has thus been developed that will help to shape recruitment, career development and succession planning in academic administration.

A copy of the report is available from the resources section of the members area.


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