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Update from UUK (Degree Standards Consultation) Mitigating Circumstances Examinations Forum Approaches to reassessment
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Assessment Practitioner Group
15 March 2019 10:30
15 March 2019 15:30
The Great Hall, Northumbria University

10.30 Arrive and Coffee
10.50 Welcome and Group Update Helen Smallbone, Edge Hill University 
11.00 Degree Classification Standards Update on the UKSCQA consultation and next steps Charlotte Snelling, UUK
11.45 Extenuating Circumstances Forum (including appeals) 
11:45 – 12:05: An update on the University of the West of Scotland’s new ‘no certification’ approach to considering claims.  Anne Rogerson, Assistant Head of Student Administration, University of the West of Scotland 
Q&A and general discussion on the OIA’s current work in this area:  volume of applications   who makes decisions (support staff or academics)  processing: centralised or local? electronic submissions?   what is being measured?   general standard of evidence required  outcomes: deferral versus ‘other’   flexibility with deadlines/ Fit to Sit   reasonable adjustments for disabled students  related appeals processes
12.45 Lunch 
13.45 ‘The elephant in the room’: Is the management of re-assessment as rigorous as the management of initial assessment? Findings from research commissioned by NUCCAT                                                    Helen Smallbone, Edge Hill University
14.00 Examination Issues Forum Including discussion on:   electronic solutions for administration   managing reasonable adjustments (examinations)  alternative assessments  splitting exams across multiple venues  invigilation (ratio, recruitment, scheduling)   regulations on student conduct (strict liability?) 
Hot Topics Group Discussions on topics including:  contract cheating and academic integrity  HEAR (and equivalents)  compensation limits  name changes (certification)   GDPR (as it relates to assessment practitioners)   reassessment fees 
15.15 Timing, venue and discussion topics/speakers for the next APG meeting
Meeting 1 2019/20: Friday 22 November 2019 (London)  Meeting 2 2019/20: Friday 20 March 2020 (Midlands/North) 
15.30 Close

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