The ARC Timetabling Practitioners Group is a forum for timetablers in HEIs to discuss issues relating to the theory and practice of timetabling, to explore new ideas and developments and to share best practice.

The Group seeks to identify ways to raise the profile and highlight the importance of timetabling in HEIs and to improve understanding among non-timetablers of the demands and complexities of timetabling.

There is a strong link between timetables and space planning although the two don't always sit within the same area of an institution. Space, room styles and utilisation are frequently discussed and often appear on the agenda at meetings. If you do have an interest in this, regardless of whether you are a timetable practitioner or not, you are more than welcome to join the group, please contact Colin Reeves c.reeves@surrey.ac.uk

Information from previous meetings along with other information can be found by visiting the ARC Timetable Practitioner Webpages.

The role of group coordinator and how to apply.

Forthcoming Events

Timetabling Practitioners Group Meeting 3

Final Timetabling Practitioners Group Meeting of 2019

Group Cordinators

If you have any queries relating to this group you can contact the people listed below:

Chair: Nikki Pierce (University of Bradford)
Deputy: Chris Payne (University of Buckingham)
Secretary: Colin Reeves (University of Surrey)

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